Our brief pit-stop in Ghent gave us the great chance to enjoy strolling through colourful streets, indulging in some Belgian chocolate and to explore the history of this quaint city.
Today, while still dark, we left Ghent at 4am. The bus was quiet as our pilgrims rested after the antics of last night – ultimate frisbee, a BBQ, and some group hip-hop dancing (photo evidence to follow!).
Today we covered 1200km of luscious German landscape by-passing Dortmund, Hannover and Berlin. We passed the 15 hours of travel listening to tunes, playing games, and pausing for some moments of prayer.
As we arrived in Plock we received a heartfelt Polish welcome led by Fr. Janusz and the people of PÅ‚ock. This is Fr. Janusz’ home diocese and having celebrated his birthday yesterday had some left-over birthday cake waiting for us. We now begin our “Days in the Diocese” staying in the homes of local families, awaiting the surprises of next part of our WYD experience.
(Fr Kevin Heery)