Vetting update for Clergy and School Principals (Feb. 2017)

Click here for the Garda Vetting Form.

This form can now be typed online and then printed.

Any forms that do not include an email address and date of birth will be returned to the applicant. If the applicant does not have an email address, the applicant should ask the Parish Priest or Principal for permission to cite the parish or school email address.

The school or parish should post only the application form to the Diocesan Office. The identity documents (copy of passport and utility bill) are shown only to the Parish Priest or Principal; due to data protection laws, these documents should not be sent to the Diocesan Office.

Details of previous addresses should not be sent to the Diocesan Office; these details are only cited online for the attention of the Garda Vetting Bureau.

The employee or volunteer should also be informed that the application will expire after 30 days so it must be completed promptly.