Volunteers Welcome

Please contact meath.wmof2018@gmail.com for further information if you are available to help with the events in the RDS, Croke Park and in the Phoenix Park.

Some details of the requirements and the training which will be provided are available here.

Parish Registration Process

Parish office staff are encouraged to assist parishioners in the registration process (via www.worldmeeting2018.ie). In this way, parish groups will be seated together in the RDS, in Croke Park & the Phoenix Park.

Dates for your Parish Diary

Thursday 7 June 2018

A gathering of Parish Councils, Choirs and Musicians will be held in St Mary’s, Navan in preparation for the Opening Ceremony (hosted by parishes on 21 August). Resources for this ceremony and the subsequent ceremony on 21 August will be uploaded to this page.

Tuesday 26 June – Monday 2 July

The Icon of the Holy Family will be present in the diocese of Meath. Details will follow on this page on 13 May 2018.

Tuesday 21 August

Evening Prayer & WMOF2018 Opening Ceremony with the participation of all parishes and WMOF pilgrim families around the Diocese of Meath. It is important to invite local groups to keep this evening free. Please speak with groups at local level who support families around your parish (e.g. Boards of Management, Teachers, Sporting Organisations, Musicians, Nursing Homes, Care-Givers, Emergency Services, local authorities).

* The 7 June gathering in Navan will provide liturgical resources, texts, music and guidelines for parishes who wish to celebrate the opening of the World Meeting at local level.

Wednesday 22 August – Friday 24 August
Pastoral Congress in the RDS

Families from parishes across the diocese of Meath are invited to gather for the Pastoral Congress exploring various themes from Wednesday – Friday.

Full details of the Pastoral Congress are available at https://www.worldmeeting2018.ie/en/Programme/Congress

The diocesan committee is working to prepare a choir of 250 singers from around the diocese of Meath for this ceremony and for the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park. Information page for interested choirs/singers available here.

Saturday 25 August
Festival of Families in Croke Park 

This evening celebration will feature musical and dance performances illustrating family life around the world. Five selected families from around the world will give witness to their family’s faith and will share their hopes with Pope Francis and all participants.

Please note: Attendance at the Pastoral Congress in the RDS is the only way of guaranteeing tickets for the Festival of Families event with Pope Francis in Croke Park on Saturday evening 25 August 2018. 50% of these tickets have already been allocated to visitors from overseas.

Sunday 26 August
Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park

The Meath diocesan committee is seeking the participation of 250 singers (Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass) for the 5,000 voice choir at the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park on Sunday 26 August 2018.

The same singers are also required to participate in the Festival of Families Mass in the RDS on Wednesday 22 August. Three rehearsals for both Masses will be held during the months of June & July. Places will be given on a first-come basis. Information page for interested choirs/singers available here.


Online registration for singers (SATB)
has now closed.