Sunday 10 November – Jesus and the Sadducees on eternity

In today’s Gospel the Sadducees are trying to trap Jesus with questions about the resurrection, even though they did not believe in the resurrection.  They are specifically concerned with childless women marrying their brothers-in-law to keep the deceased husband’s name alive. Their case study is slightly absurd and exaggerated. A situation where women can be ‘given’ and owned will not exist in the next life, nor will any other instances of slavery or the realities of this world.

We see Jesus encounter opposition to his ministry all through the Gospels. But he is there to continually remind us that our true homeland is in heaven and in heaven we live a new way to the way we live now. In this world of light and life we will meet each other again and Jesus Christ who is risen. The world of mourning and separation are no more. This is a world where Jesus explains that it does not matter who is who on earth, in the kingdom of God we are all loved equally and unconditionally.

November is traditionally the month when we remember our loved ones who have died. Parishes all over the country will hold Masses of Remembrance this month. Inside our churches and prayer rooms, the colour purple is displayed to remember those who have gone before us. In the Mass and times of prayer we call to mind those who have died. When we pray and especially when we call to mind our loved ones gone before us, Jesus is there waiting for us. The good news is that thanks to our faith in Jesus Christ, handed on to us by the very ones we often pray for – our parents, our grandparents, and those gone before us, we are reminded that after our death we will see God face to face.

(Adapted from Intercom, November 2013)