The latest Safeguarding Newsletter has been published by the Diocese of Meath.

Copies of the Newsletter will be posted to all parishes; it would be very helpful if parishes can let the Diocesan Office know how many copies are needed.

The trainers have indicated that the largest number of queries they receive in recent months relate to Garda vetting so half of the content of this latest Newsletter addresses some of the common questions raised about Garda vetting.

In addition, the Newsletter includes a data protection checklist.  It’s hoped this checklist will help parishes and pilgrimages to ensure they are compliant with data protection requirements.

Finally the Newsletter explains that the Diocese of Meath will welcome 19 foreign priests who will be assisting in parishes during the months of July to September 2017. In accordance with diocesan policy, each of these priests will have been Garda vetted and will have provided a Testimonial Letter from the Bishop before commencing any ministry in the Diocese of Meath. They have been asked to introduce themselves to the local Parish Safeguarding Representatives when they arrive in their host parishes.

Click here to read the Summer 2017 Safeguarding Newsletter