Bishop Michael Smith has a close connection with Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, who currently serves as Papal Nuncio to Nepal and India.

If any parishes or parishioners wish to help the humanitarian response on the ground (providing food, medicines and shelter), Bishop Smith can ensure that 100% of the donations will go directly to the people in Nepal whose lives have been devastated by this natural disaster.

Donations can be sent to the Bishop through your local parish.

In recent days, the Bishop of Nepal described the crisis facing the people in the aftermath of the earthquake: “The biggest challenge now is the time factor. All of us have to rush to reach out to the victims. It’s already too late.”

Bishop Simick said at the end of the visit to St Ignatius Parish in Banyatar: “If this is the state of affairs in the capital, you can imagine the suffering of the people in the remote areas.”

At St Ignatius Church, Bishop Simick visited local residents. He prayed with members of 15 Catholic families who have taken shelter in the church, including some injured and wearing arm slings. A dozen Hindu families also have sought shelter there.

The parish priest, Fr Anil Beck, told the bishop that 9-year old Michele Ghale had died when her house collapsed. “We have no trace of five Catholic families. The road to their village is blocked. I am trying to reach them,” said Fr Beck. The bishop also met Sujina Ghale, 4, who almost was cremated when she was mistaken for dead. Sujina, with her bruised face, lay quietly as her mother, Chaju Ghale, recounted her daughter’s escape.

“Affected people will die a slow death unless relief work is stepped up and well-coordinated,” the Bishop of Nepal has said.  “This is a moment of test for the church in Nepal to coordinate the relief and make use of the relief and disaster management expertise of the entire Catholic Church for the people of Nepal.”

Meanwhile, Trócaire has committed an initial €100,000 to the Nepal emergency response. The organisation’s response is focused on getting shelter, food and water to people left homeless as a result of the earthquake.

Trócaire has also launched an emergency appeal and has requested the support of the public to raise money to deliver aid to those who need it. Donations can be made at or by phoning 1850408 408.

Mons. Paul Simick was ordained Bishop of Nepal last June by Archbishop Pennachio, Apostolic Nuncio to Nepal and India.

These photos were provided by the Apostolic Nunciature in New Delhi

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