Meath Diocesan Assembly – “Renewal of parish life”

On Tuesday 24 April, the clergy of the Diocese of Meath took part in the annual assembly, organised by the Council of Priests.

Click here to listen to the audio presentations by the speakers at the assembly.

The event was facilitated by Fr Harry Bohan, who founded the Céifin Centre in 1998.  The Centre has evolved from practical experience of developing communities across Ireland in an effort to counter the growth of cities.

Lay participation featured prominently in the discussions, with input from Elaine Mahon, Mary Greene-Byrne, Orla Walsh and Lorraine Heffernan.

The theme of the assembly was “renewal of parish life”.  Fr Bohan examined how the concept of parish can be utilised for better engagement by priests and people at all levels.

Click here for a copy of Lorraine Heffernan’s text for the occasion.  Lorraine, a member of Ashbourne Parish Pastoral Council, is a mother and qualified solicitor with a vision for priests and laity sharing faith and pastoral life, leading to vibrancy and renewal at parish level.

As Fr Denis Nulty, Chairman of the Council of Priests explained afterwards, “I was delighted with the input from all involved and I hope that the reflections will help us to address the ongoing pastoral and evangelising needs of the Diocese”.