Blessed are the merciful, they shall be shown mercy.

Time is fast approaching for World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland and young people from the Diocese of Meath will be there. The World Youth Day events are gatherings of young Catholics from all across the globe, together with the Pope to share their faith in Jesus Christ and the experience of being young, alive and sharing the joy of faith.

This great festival of faith, life and youth, takes place over 5 days in Krakow, building up to a wonderful encounter with the Pope, with an estimated 2,500,000 other young people. As in previous years we propose to spend time in a host-diocese. Our intended dates are 18 July – 02 August 2016 but we will keep you updated with more precise details in the coming months.

It is not just these 5 days, but the build-up to it as well, traveling overland through Europe, meeting other young Catholics in their own towns and cities before reaching our destination, the beautiful city of Krakow. The city that was loved by Pope Saint John Paul II, is only a short distance from the shrine of the Divine Mercy and the Black Madonna, and witnessed the inhumanity of the concentration camp of nearby Auschitz. All of which will be part of this amazing coming together of young people celebrating their shared Christian faith.

Is this for me?

Are you a young adult between 18-35yrs, interested in the challenges that your Catholic faith offers, have a desire to really see your faith lived in joy, and want a taste of sharing your faith in the middle of 2 million people who ask themselves the same questions? Then YES.

Come and meet with young adults from every corner of the world. Come and share the joy of faith, hope and love we have in Christ our Lord.

  • Booking for World Youth Day with the Diocese of Meath is now open.
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