GDPR training for parish personnel

A seminar attended by 75 parish secretaries and priests took place in Trim on Tuesday 25 September 2018 on the questions relating to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The presentation was given by Johanne Duignan, legal advisor to the Diocesan Working Group on the GDPR.

After an introduction to the principles and terminology of the new data protection regulation, Johanne provided the following “10 tips” for ensuring good office practice:

  • Premises should be kept secure – especially when unoccupied
  • Only authorised personnel can access personal information
  • Ensure the safe disposal of confidential waste
  • Computer systems must be password protected
  • Lock your computer when leaving work
  • Log out of your computer system, file and lock away any papers containing personal data
  • Information on computer screens and paper files should be out of sight from callers to offices
  • Strong encryption for personal data stored on portable devices or transferred electronically
  • Do not use your car as a filing cabinet for personal data
  • Do not put the keys to your filing cabinet in the drawer on top of it!

The presentation continued with information on what is expected if a data breach occurs.

Discussion centred on questions relating to sharing personal sensitive data. The Working Group has almost finalised the GDPR-related formula to be added all parish and curia forms, indicating that the data received will be used and retained in accordance with the diocesan data protection policy and privacy statement, which will be posted online when completed.  Work has also begun on the question of processing requests for baptismal certificates and similar information.

Data subjects whose personal data is held by any data controller in Europe are entitled to ask data controllers and receive confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them is being processed.

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Any queries should be addressed to: The Secretary, Meath Diocesan Office, Dublin Rd., Mullingar.