Gaudete Sunday – share the joy with Trocaire Global Gifts

The birth of a baby is such a precious time. But in Somalia it can be a worrying time for expectant mothers too, due to lack of access to medical facilities and the threat of complications in childbirth.

The thoughtful gift of safe motherhood will provide essential training for midwives to safely deliver babies and deal with emergency situations, making childbirth safer and happier for more mothers and babies in Somalia. The gift will also provide mothers with a baby kit with a shawl to swaddle their baby, together with a bag, powder and soap.

This gift is part of Trócaire’s Somalia programme. Click here to watch a video about this gift.

This year’s Trócaire ‘Gifts of Change’ range includes chickens for families in Malawi (€5), solar lamps for Ugandan families (€10), olive trees for Palestinian farmers (€20), school fees for children in Zimbabwe (€30), goats for families in Malawi (€50), bicycles for HIV/AIDS support workers in Zimbabwe (€70), maternal healthcare for women in Somalia and Guatemala (€100), water for communities worldwide (€150) and cows for families in the Democratic Republic of Congo (€200).

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