Homily of Father Noel Horneck PP

Declan, Simon, Hazel, John & Amy, Ruth, Jim, Brian, Ronan,

We are all so sorry. We feel along with you today. We too mourn the loss of Lorna.  Friends, neighbours, colleagues, and the local GAA club here in Dunderry to which she was so committed so often giving her nursing aid to players when injured – she was a club nurse – that’s probably the best way of describing Lorna’s involvement.

Her goodness and kindness will always be remembered and appreciated and spoken of. But our mourning as friends, neighbours, colleagues, club and parish is nothing compared to your loss:

  • Declan, Simon, Hazel – you have lost a loving wife and a devoted and loving mother,
  • And John & Amy, Lorna’s parents – you have lost a devoted and loving daughter,
  • And you Ruth, Jim, Brian and Ronan – you have lost a loving sister.

I have no words of human comfort to ease your loss. But, we as neighbours as a community, as friends in shock, we can only be there with you in your loss, walk with you, accompany you in so far as we can. Because the depth of loss is yours and yours alone. We can only be there with you and for you during those times you need some companionship, someone just to be there for you. All of us will be there with you and for you Declan, Simon, Hazel, parents and family.

I have picked the Gospel I have today because it shows the emotion – the upset and the feeling of sadness and loss by Jesus when he had to face the death of his friend Lazarus. All I can say is:

Let us pray to Jesus Christ that in his sympathy because he understands, he can help you in this awful loss you have of Lorna.

As we commend Lorna to the everlasting love of God and in that love we pray we will all meet again in eternity realising, experiencing the face of God and being with all we love in God. Amen.

At the end of the funeral Mass, Monsignor Sean Heaney said:

I wish to convey to the Carty and Harlin families Bishop Michael Smith’s regret that he is unable to be present here this morning, due to a prior engagement which he could not cancel.

Most importantly I wish to convey to Declan, Simon and Hazel, and to all the Carty and Harlin families his deepest sympathy on her tragic loss in such unbelievable circumstances.

On his visit to the Carty home yesterday afternoon, Bishop Smith was most impressed by the obvious sense of solidarity and support for the family from the community of Robinstown and the whole parish of Dunderry.  This sense of solidarity extends far beyond the local community into the diocese, and indeed the whole nation.

Let us continue to pray that Lorna’s grieving family will find the strength to celebrate her goodness, and to trust that her remembrance will always be with them as an inspiration and a cause to hope.

May Lorna now find rest in one of the many rooms in the Father’s house, promised by Jesus to all who trust in him and follow him in life.