The following report was sent from the diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land:

Pictured at the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, are pilgrims from various parishes in the Diocese of Meath. We spent five nights in Jerusalem, followed by four nights in Galilee.

Among the highlights were the International Holy Hour led by Fr Gerard Mac Cormack. In his homily at the Holy Sepulchre, Fr Dwayne Gavin spoke of the spiritual darkness of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta who asked, “Where is Jesus?”. We find Jesus here on the Cross, he said. Jesus is the human face of God the Father who takes on the burden of our human suffering and carries us into the light of his resurrection. ¬†At Cana in Galilee, 13 couples present renewed their marriage vows. Together, they celebrated 482 years of married life!

One of the most evocative moments for pilgrims was the crossing of the Sea of Galilee like Jesus. Sr. Consilio Rock spoke of the storms that arise in all of our lives, often unpredictably. Jesus reaches out to us most especially in these moments, and all becomes calm again.