“The light of Easter dispels the darkness and fears” – that was the message from Bishop Smith on Easter Sunday.  The Bishop celebrated the Easter Vigil in the Cathedral and the Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection in St Paul’s Church on Easter Sunday.

In his homily, Bishop Smith reflected on the mixed emotions and motivations of the main players in the passion of Jesus.  Pilate condemned an innocent man, leaving his conscience outside the door, but placed a proclamation of faith above the cross: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.  The chief priests jeered and mocked Jesus but, unsure about Him, they insisted that a guard be posted at the tomb, lest the unexpected take place.  Likewise among the followers of Jesus, the passion exposed a variety of responses, from the desertion of the disciples to the faithfulness of the women and the decency of Joseph and Nicodemus.

For each of these characters, there is “unease” in the face of Christ’s suffering and death.  The resurrection and the empty tomb give hope and reassurance in answer to this “unease”.  The questions that rest in the heart of every human person – what is death and life, why suffering and loss? – find their ultimate resolution in the resurrection. Christ has triumphed over death; the resurrection gives meaning and purpose to life on both sides of the tomb.

These photos from the Cathedral of Christ the King were taken by John McCauley.

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