Ardcath/Clonalvy & Curraha

Christmas Eve  Curraha 5.00pm, Ardcath 7.00pm

Christmas Day Clonalvy 10am ,  Curraha 11.30am



Christmas Eve:   Confessions from 12 to 1pm.

Vigil Mass at 7pm with O’Growney NS Choir.

Midnight Mass: 12 Midnight.


Christmas Day

Rathmore Church 9am.

Rathcairn Churcvh 10.15am

Athboy 11.30am.



Eddie Stones Healing Service Friday 23rd December in St. Columbanus’ Church, Ballivor, from 7pm-10pm

Confessions from 8pm

Christmas Eve Children’s Mass:         4.00p.m.

Christmas Eve Vigil Mass:                  10.00p.m.

Christmas Day:                                    11.30a.m.



Bohermeen Church   Vigil Mass 24th at 9.00pm.

Christmas Day – 11.30am Mass

Cortown Church       Midnight Mass  12pm. 24th

Christmas Day – 10. 15am

Boyerstown Church   Vigil Mass 7pm. on 24th

Christmas Day Mass



Christmas vigil Mass 7.30pm 24th  in Castletown Ch.

Christmas Day masses 10am in Fletcherstown and 11.30am in Castletown Ch.


Coole (Mayne) parish:

Christmas Eve: 10.00 a.m. Mass in Coole;

6.30 p.m. Christmas Vigil Mass in Coole

Christmas Day: 9.30 a.m. Christmas Dawn Mass in Whitehall

11.30 a.m. Christmas Day Mass in Coole



Holy Family, Ballsgrove  

CHRISTMAS EVE   CHILDREN’S MASS  – 5PM   & VIGIL at 7.30pm                                                                                                         CHRISTMAS DAY     MASSES 8.30 / 10.30 / 11.30 /12.30




Duleek & Bellewstown

Confessions: Duleek on Saturday from 2 – 3 p.m. & 8 – 9p.m. and in Bellewstown from 5 – 6 p.m.

Vigil Mass   9.00 pm

Christmas Day   9.00 am         11.30 am




Dunboyne –   Christmas Eve at 5 pm, 7 pm & 9 pm & Christmas Day 9 am & 11.30 am.

Kilbride     –   Christmas Eve 7 pm & Christmas Day 10 am.


Dunshaughlin / Culmullen

Saturday 24th Dec. Christmas Eve: 6.00 pm Children’s Mass
Vigil Mass: 9.00 pm (Carol Service from 8.15 pm)
Polish Mass 11.00 pm
Christmas Day: 9.00 am and 12noon
Monday 26th Dec. to Saturday 31st Dec. Mass at 11.00am

Saturday 24th Dec. Christmas Eve: Vigil Mass 9.00 pm. (Carol Service: from 8.15)
Sunday 25th Dec. Christmas Day: 10.30 a.m.
Monday 26th Dec. to Friday 30th Dec. Mass at 11.00 a.m.


Vigil:  8 p.m.  The Christmas Masses are offered for all the people of the Parish at home and away.

Christmas Day:  9.30 a.m & 11 am



Christmas Eve Children’s Mass:           6.30pm

Christmas Eve Vigil Mass:                  8.30pm

Christmas Day:                               11.30am



Vigil Mass 24th at 9.00pm.

Christmas Day – 8.30am & 11.30am.

Ballinlough Vigil Mass  24th 7pm.

Christmas Day 10.00am.




Christmas Eve. 6 pm Family Mass in Kingscourt

7.30 pm Christmas Mass in Muff

Christmas Day –  Corlea 9 am: Kingscourt: 10.30 am & 12 noon




CONFESSIONS; Kells: Saturday  12-1; 2-3
MASSES; KELLS  8p.m.(Vigil) 9a.m.;11 a.m. 12:15p.m.
Girley    8p.m.(Vigil) 10 a.m.



Christmas Eve: 7:15pm – Carols before Mass;

8pm Mass of Christmas.

Christmas Day: Masses at 9:30am and 11:30am.




Confessions 4pm Christmas Eve.

Midnight Mass 9pm and Christmas Day 11am

Dunsany: Christmas Eve Mass 7pm  Christmas Day 9.30am



Laytown – Mornington

Laytown:  Masses on Christmas Eve:  5pm and 9pm


Mass on Christmas Day:  10am and 12 noon

Mornington: Christmas Eve:  6pm Children’s Mass; 9pm Vigil Mass

Christmas Day:    Mass at 10am & 11.30am




Christmas Masses: Saturday 9.00pm (Christmas Eve)

8.30 and 10.30 Christmas Day




Christmas Eve there will be Mass in Kiltale at 7pm and in Moynalvey at 9pm.

Christmas Day  Mass in Kiltale at 10am and in Moynalvey at 11.30am.



Christmas Eve: Cathedral 6pm & 10pm; St Paul’s 6pm & 9pm

Christmas Day: Cathedral 8.30am, 11am & 12.30pm

St Paul’s 10.30 am & 12 noon

Walshestown 9am, Brotenstown 10am, Gainstown 10am

Penitential Service: Thursday 22 December at 7.30pm in the Cathedral

Confessions on Christmas Eve from 12 noon until 5.30pm




Vigil Mass in Oldcastle at 6.00 pm ( Children’s Mass ) also Mass at 9.00pm
Christmas Day Mass at 11.30am

Moylagh vigil at 7.30pm and Christmas Day at 10.00am



Christmas Eve – The Island 6.00pm;   Mucklagh 7.30pm;   Killina 9.00pm.

Christmas Day – Mucklagh  9.00am;   The Island 10am;   Killina 10.30am &  Mucklagh 12.00 noon.


Christmas Eve  5.00pm; 7.00pm; 9.00pm
Christmas Day 9.00am;11.00am;12.15pm


Penance Service on Thurs at 7pm in Rochfortbridge;

Vigil Masses at 6pm and 8pm In Rochfortbridge on Christmas Eve;

Christmas Day 9am in Meedin, 10.15am in Milltownpass; 11.30 am in Rochfortbridge.



St. Patrick’s Church, Slane – 8pm Christmas Eve & 11am Christmas Day
Church of the Assumption, Monknewtown – 10pm Christmas Eve & 9.30am Christmas Day.



Children’s Mass   in Coole at 5.
Vigil Mass at 7 in Coole
Vigil in Dangan at 8.30
Masses on Christmas Day at 10 in Coole and  in Dangan at 11.



Christmas Eve Confessions: after 10.00 am Mass until 11.00 am; from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

Confessions in Polish:  Fr Januz will hear confessions in St Patrick Church on Friday  23rd Dec from  6.30pm-7.30pm.

Christmas Eve:   Trim    6.00 pm (Children)  &   9.00 pm   (Carols from 8.30pm)                        Boardsmill       7.15   pm

Christmas Day:  Trim                9.00 am, 11.00 am and 12.30pm

Boardsmill       10.00 am