Severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand.  From July until October, flooding spread throughout the country, resulting in a total of 815 deaths and 13.6 million people affected. The disaster has been described as “the worst flooding yet in terms of the amount of water and people affected”

The Diocese of Meath has developed a relationship with the Church in Thailand and South East Asia since the 2004 tsunami.  In the face of the flooding devastation, Bishop Smith responded to a global appeal from Caritas Thailand for assistance.

In summary, Caritas Thailand outlines that the following work was aided by support from various organisations across the world:

  • 18,620 sets of food and non-food items were distributed; these items include rice, instant noodles, canned fish, medicines, drinking water, flashlights, and sanitary napkins.
  • 1 water filtration system unit was set up in Bangkok; a total number of 3,000 water treatment kits were distributed with training and brochures to households in 6 affected provinces; 89 volunteers were trained on house-hold water treatment and waste management.
  • more than 1,700 patients were treated by mobile medical clinics in 17 areas; more than 410 health volunteers were trained to assist flood victims; about 670 people received home visits.
  • 22 clean-up days were organised; more than 370 people received support through Cash for Work; 1,600 poor families received cash grants.

Click here for a full report on the work of Caritas Thailand.