Bishop Michael Smith and Bishop Denis Nulty attended the launch of the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults.  Published by Veritas, the Catechism was inspired by a recommendation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church suggesting that local bishops’ conferences should consider the “writing of new local catechisms, which takes into account various situations and cultures, while carefully preserving the unity of faith and fidelity to Catholic doctrine.”

This is the first time a catechism has been tailored and produced specifically for an Irish adult audience.  The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults offers an accessible narrative and it explains the doctrine of the Church in a structured and user-friendly style.  It links itself to the reader by revealing the life and ministries of well-known Irish figures of faith from Saint Augustine, Nano Nagle, Edmund Rice and Saint John XXIII, amongst others.  Their stories in the Catechism show how the teachings of the Church were put into action in their respective lives.

Each chapter also provides material for reflection on Church teaching in the context of today as well as offering pointers for action.  The Catechism is a very useful resource for individuals, parishes or other faith groups.  A study guide is also available.  The Catechism will also assist those working to implement the recommendations in Share the Good News, the Church’s national directory for catechetics.  The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is a ‘go-to’ resource for adults looking for explanations and apt examples of what Catholics believe.

Click here for weblinks, videos and suggested programmes of study for group sessions related to the Catechism and how to order it from Veritas.

Pictured in the photo are Bishop Michael Smith and Bishop Denis Nulty, Brendan O’Reilly (contributor to the Catechism), Fr Derek Darby (Ashbourne) and Dr Patrick Connell.