Bishop Michael Smith described three kinds of Christian action inspired by Our Lady who appeared to St Bernadette in Lourdes – to be joyful, to help without hesitation and to persevere.

“The participation of the youth team in the pilgrimage certainly brings joy to the gathering”, according to Bishop Smith.  “The volunteers (doctors, nurses, chaplains and lay helpers) who number more than 200 follow the example of Our Lady’s willingness to help without hesitation. Above all, the witness of the pilgrims who are sick, some who are elderly and others who are very young, will remind us that perseverance in faith is at the heart of our Christian response to suffering.  Very many pilgrims who carry life’s burdens and illnesses, especially cancer, had a special place on our pilgrimage.”

On Friday 12 September 2014, over 800 pilgrims from the Diocese of Meath travelled to Lourdes, returning on Wednesday 17 September 2014.  This was the 66th Meath diocesan pilgrimage.  It was led by Bishop Michael Smith who has led the pilgrimage for 31 years consecutively.     

Sacred music for the liturgies was provided by the Meath diocesan choir conducted by Jim Walsh and with organ accompaniment by Jane Lynch.  

A number of photographs from various stages of the pilgrimage have been uploaded to the diocesan FB account.

The Lourdes Photo album can be viewed here via

The video of last Sunday’s Mass celebrated by Bishop Smith can be viewed until 20 September via